Welcome to Southern Area Plus

Plus membership fee for the first year is only £10

Renewals are £20

New Membership terms and conditions

1). By purchasing new membership you accept the terms and conditions below.

2). New membership of £10 is only available to anyone who has NOT been a member of Plus or Quest. It is only valid for one year after acceptance.

3). By purchasing membership at £10 it is non-transferable to any group outside of Southern Area.

4). In any dispute the decision of the Southern Area Committee is final.

5) . Southern Area reserves the right to refund any membership fee. An administration fee of no more than £5 will be made, which is chargeable at the discretion of  the Area Committee.

Terms and conditions for deposits for events.

1). Deposits are non-refundable in the event that the place cannot be filled.

2). It is the responsibility of the person booking to cover the full cost of the place if they are unable to attend or find another person to take their place. The Area Committee will help to find another person to take the place but is unable to guarantee filling the place. In which case the person remains responsible for the full cost of the place they booked.

3). In any event a right of appeal will be the final decision of the area committee.